A toast, “to absent friends”

Whilst on the train to work I found myself pondering my own mortality, wondering whether I would live to be an old lady kicking up a fuss in the post office, or whether some freak accident would take my body from this earth before I get to forty five.  A strange thing to think perhaps whilst… Continue reading A toast, “to absent friends”

The Office – uncovered

  Verbal languages: Acronyms – hundreds of them Bullshit Gossip Body languages: Persistent eye rolling activity Consistent sitting position whether asleep, facebooking or actually doing some work Electronic languages: Email type 1 – war and peace length creations which don’t actually make any sense, but nobody really reads anyway Email type 2 – inappropriate jokes and/or… Continue reading The Office – uncovered

My week with Marilyn

A star studded cast more than over compensates for this slightly self-indulgent, whimsical short story of one man’s moment or should I say several moments, with one of the most famous women in history. The film revolves around the making of the film ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. The main storyline however is that of… Continue reading My week with Marilyn