I believe in Aliens …

Now you might be thinking that is a bold (random/crazy etc) statement to make, and normally I would agree with you, but recent transitions have led me to believe this can be the only explanation.

Someone stole my body! and replaced it with something quite remarkable that I’ve never seen before. Clarification of said revelation is that two people in the last week, both friends, have asked if I’m pregnant. One asked me outright if I’m sure I’m not pregnant, the other exclaimed with a big smile on her face ‘oh!’ and actually patted my belly. I then asked my mum if she thought I was fat. “No of course not love, you’re just more happy now”. Great!

I’ve never been a superfit model or anything but my body was ok, fitted nicely into my clothes and whilst there were curves, they didn’t move about so much. The alien transcended version of my body however, has a belly, which sticks out and wobbles. There are also new parts of me which I never knew existed like the section just below my armpits and I can’t fit into some of my dresses. The boyfriend is however pleased with one other new aspect and that is the apparent enhancement in the upper part. (not much imagination required there!)

My mind wanders back to yesteryear and the seemingly hedonistic culinary nights in the kitchen with my new beau, making pasta late at night, and behold, actually eating it. The winter of discontent and a nocturnal job have all taken their toll. The metabolism of youth appears lost forever and I didn’t even realise it was missing. The change seems to have occurred overnight though, because surely I’d have seen it happen over time and done something about it before now…….


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