Who’s that girl?

The reflection in the mirror – I never realised how important it has been, or should I say I never realised how it has been a silent friend, seeing through my eyes, witnessing my life unfold. It has been there with me through laughter and tears, hopes and fears. Through time it has grown with me and shown me how my life has changed.

When I was a little girl, the reflection was a novelty, a new friend to play with, a game to see if it could move as quickly as me.

In my teens I queried my reflection, ‘why aren’t I as cool or trendy or as thin as the others?’ ‘why are my nose and my bum so big?’. Me and my reflection weren’t the best of friends back then.

In my twenties, we had fun! trying on new clothes, styling my hair.

In my early thirties, we went through a lot of pain together. My reflection exposed a window on to my heart, it showed me a brick wall. It has no shine, and we didn’t laugh so much then. We didn’t know each other very well at all.

In my late thirties, I only looked into the mirror to see my smile and my heart exploding with happiness and love. ‘We did it!’ I cry. Then one day something magical appears in my reflection, and a man with eyes reflecting a heart as deep as the ocean is standing behind me. We smile and laugh as we brush our teeth together. The love in my life makes my body grow and I tut at my reflection ‘Why didn’t you tell me before now?’

Tonight I look in the mirror and I think how lovely to see you and I smile, because it shared a secret with me.

‘Who cares about the size of your bum, because it’ll never be as big as your heart’


4 thoughts on “Who’s that girl?

  1. We often forget to see our assets in form of our strengths, and often see view it as a measure in comparison to others. It is ironic in the way we have all defined and measured what is ‘perfect’, since nature has only always allowed freedom and uniqueness. Nice article.

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