Daily Prompt: Are you being served?

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

My response to this daily prompt is an actual letter I have just written and sent to the Chairman of a large organisation and reads as follows:

Dear Mr Chairman

I have never written a letter of complaint before but I have just reached a tipping point.

The service I have received from your organisation in the past 6 weeks is beyond comprehension. This incessant nonsense could probably quality as fiction if only one hadn’t been on the end of this very distasteful and nauseating stick.

I do not use my words lightly or without serious considerations when I say that the ineptitude and shockingly dishonest behaviour of your engineers has left me aghast. Technicals aside however, the inefficiency of your business processes has led to a catalogue of incredulous faults in service delivery.

Ten booked installations, ten no shows, several lies from engineers, several hours of phone calls to your support staff, several apologies to busy business neighbours who have been cut off, several weeks of hair pulling and lost trade later, still no joy.

I am a realist and having managed contracts and business systems before, I understand things go wrong, but this has just gone way too far.

The one saving grace is that your support team have all been very apologetic, always answer the phone, report the problem and arrange new appointments. They too have been astounded at what’s happened.

The fact remains however that there are new businesses who have not and cannot function because you cannot put a plug in a socket! I seriously thought this would be the least of our problems.

I look forward to a prompt response from someone who will actually make something happen and tell me what they are going to do about the major disruption we have experienced. The constant stream of lies and non delivery is not only cost the businesses money, but it’s boring the frigging socks off me!

Yours sincerely

Ms. V Exhausted




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