The Abstinence Diaries

30 September

Me: “Guess what? I’ve just signed up to do a go sober for October challenge for charity!”

The Boyf: “That’s great honey, but you do remember I’m opening the cocktail bar in a couple of weeks?”

Me: “Oh shit! I completely forgot!”


Clearly the announcement of my impending challenge to the boyf left him without a single ounce of doubt that I truly am a wonderful woman little bit special.

It also dawned on me a few days later that it was my brother’s 40th birthday. As you can probably tell by now, this ‘challenge’ had an air of last minuteness to it, but once I go in for something that’s it. There’s no holding back!

Never done more than a week before of my own volition, not counting the time I was sick for 3 weeks. It’s not like I am dependent, but a nice dinner, or meeting up with friends almost always involves a drink of some sort and a crisis is often soothed by my friend Miss Malbec. I guess it just becomes part of a routine, a habit of sorts. This month however I have a brilliant excuse to do something different and a very important driver – raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Naturally one would think that a last night of freedom celebration was in order but it appeared that my body and my resolve had already left the starting blocks as the remainder of a bottle of wine passed my lips for all but a millisecond. My favourite red got relegated to the sink.

I have been truly overwhelmed by the words of encouragement and support from my friends and acquaintances ….

“I haven’t touched a drop for over a year, it refreshes the mind entirely”

“I’ve been abstaining for 47 years”
“Well done! I said, I’m not sure how you do it!”
“But it’s still a challenge for you, I can’t imagine what it would be like for me, if they said I have to give up say chocolate… .or maybe even porn!”

“Oh right, I didn’t realise you drank that much to make it such a challenge”

“Just remember, don’t do what I wouldn’t do this month! – otherwise you’ll remember it!”

Clearly the challenge has only just begun…………


3 thoughts on “The Abstinence Diaries

  1. There is a difference between not drinking just because you don’t fancy it, and not drinking because you are consciously abstaining from it: therein lies the challenge. Best of luck!

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