The Abstinence Diaries Part 2

So I’ve taken to this not drinking milarky like a duck to water. I truly thought I would struggle but it appears to be not in the least bit difficult.


There are of course a few occasions when I really fancied a drink, like when having spaghetti Bolognese – glass of red wine goes with that like salt and vinegar goes with chips. A few times arriving really late home after a stressful day at work, that would most definitely be the time for a glass gin and tonic.

Sadly also, my uncle Fred died. Now that was tough, taking care of my brother who was his best friend whilst trying to deal with it myself, and then yesterday at the funeral. The fact that this challenge is raising money for cancer care means even more so now.

My mind has naturally by default wandered to having a glass of something  but then it is sharply shut off by the ‘fact’ that I can’t. I’m truly believing someone must have stolen my brain though, because I’ve never had this much will power before!

The Cocktail bar opening night passed with relative ease as did my brother’s 40th and I relished not having to stand out in the cold to get the last train home – because I drove!

My mind and my brain do feel much less foggy and my confidence and concentration levels at work have grown but the promise of feeling super fit and healthy hasn’t transpired at all. The first couple of weeks or so were hellish. I could barely raise my head from my pillow in the morning and I’ve had 2 wicked colds. I know that it’s good for me and all that blah blah blah. but in all honesty in the last few weeks, health wise, I’ve felt like crap!

5 days to go however and I’m proud to say I’m coasting on in. The final analysis will be drawn up sometime after the 31st – not the 1st or 2nd though as I have a long awaited date with an old friend 😉


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