NaBloPoMo (WT…?) 1st Nov

or National Blog Posting Month for those of us who had never heard of it either.

Having just finished my month of abstinence, I’m now embarking on a month of proactivity.  The challenge of NaBloPoMo is to write and post a blog every single day in November. Eek!

Starting a writing challenge at the same time as starting a new job is probably really stupid, but then I never professed to be Einstein’s sister. It is however marginally easier than writing 50,000 words which is the other challenge taking place in November for those writing a novel.


I’m a new starter to the world of writing, and so far have only managed one post or so a week, so this will be a major addition to my schedule.

My usual status in life is ‘fashionably late’, and so it has come as no surprise that I’m 3 days late starting the challenge. However, in order to make sure I make up for lost time, this is my backdated 1st November post.

Wish me luck!



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