NaMoBloPo – The Poppy Debate – 2 Nov

In the letters section of the newspaper today there were some angry responses to a letter someone had written the previous day, expressing displeasure in those who weren’t wearing a poppy.


People have the right to choose which charity to support. They need not demonstrate it with a badge of honour, many are silent givers. Not every charity gives and not everyone demands a badge, especially if said badge disappears after 5 minutes.

Those who do their bit shouldn’t be harassed or be guilt tripped into doing something, especially as you don’t know who they are and those who don’t do their bit, care as much about what people think as they do about charity, so there’s no point pointing any fingers.

I think these days it is more difficult for the younger generation to identify with the cause as the world wars happened a long time ago, current and recent wars are not on our turf and many people have deemed them politically motivated rather than to defend our nation.

For the lads out there risking and giving their lives, in my view, their duty is valued for keeping the peace around the world and for the possible day something turns up at our doorstep. I am also aware of and forever grateful for those who gave their lives so long ago for us all, so that we may live our lives in relative freedom, and have the freedom of speech which enables myself and many other to write on WordPress.

For those reasons, I’ll be wearing the poppy I bought this morning, for the foreseeable future, or what’s more likely the ten minutes until it drops off when I hang up my coat.


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