New job! New me! (4 Nov)

superwomanI was late for work today, today being the first day of my new job. The train in front of mine broke down just south of Clapham Junction.

It is interesting to view myself in the third person as my older, more wordly wise self is a much calmer specimen of the human race. Before, I’d have been panicking and huffing every minute, but today’s me sat snoozing for half an hour.

In a meeting I volunteered to produce a big analysis report, by tomorrow. I was thinking perhaps someone had removed my brain cells upon entry into the building, or is it just that I can see why it was so important for me and managing my introduction to the organisation.

At lunch I had a big super food salad with no bread or potatoes or pasta. The carbo freak younger self would have ‘fainted from starvation’ in 2 hours, but today I ate slowly, enjoyed the food and low and behold it lasted me through til early evening.

On the train home, instead of fixating my eyes and my brain on my phone or the newspaper, I closed my eyes and gently drifted off for a sojourn with the fairies. The quiet slumber was abruptly broken by the dulcet tones of ….. my snoring! Oh the shame. I woke myself up with a huge great snort. Charming. The man sitting next to me didn’t say a word. Perhaps he was on a new version of himself too, because if it was him snoring like that it would have been hard to stifle at least a snigger. Clearly the new me still has some work to do.



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