I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date(s)!

Namely the 6th, 7th, 8th and today of October as part of my national month of blogging challenge.


I feel I should explain the reason for what looks like non compliance.  Whilst the actual challenge itself has been very true to its namesake and I’ve been bugging my other half all the time about what to write, in the last 3 days I haven’t actually had a laptop about my person! Would you Adam and Eve it?

I started a new job last week and the faint hope of IT delivering on its promises maybe just once was sadly a little too optimistic. I left home on Wednesday morning and have only been home to sleep once since then. I’ve spent about 16 hours travelling on a train since Wednesday and have only had my notebook and pen for company. Whilst this is seemingly good news for a writer as opposed to not having anything to write with, the long hand version of things is not something I’m used to, given I’ve been typing for as long as I can remember. In addition, the paper version of my blogs sadly can’t publish themselves onto word press.  I do have a smartphone, for those of you who are thinking, along with some other of my friends that I could have used that. The idea of one finger typing on a small screen does however have as much appeal as poking several pins in my eye.

Dewberrywood would like to apologise for the delay to your journey and for any inconvenience this has caused. Normal blogging service shall continue forthwith!


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