Diary of a journey home

16.40  In Liverpool – realise I’ll never make the 16.48 train to London

17.20  At the local station – ask the guard how to get to Lime Street Station

17.21  Forget what the guard said. Wander through on a wing and a prayer

17.38 Arrive at Lime Street Station

17.40 Feeling virtuous, buy some fruit for the journey

17.48 Train leaves

17.49 Starving! Wishing I’d bought a sandwich

17.50 Start trying to read work documents

17.51 I am a nodding dog (asleep)

18.35 Wake up with a cricked neck and wonder if I’ve been snoring

18.36 Yippee! Only 25 minutes left

18.37 Oh crap! Realise I caught the later train. 1hr 25 mins left

19.00 Observe a man opposite use 6 different items of electrical gadgetry to try
and keep himself entertained

19.10 Smile to myself with joy that I have a notepad and pen as my entertainment

19.30 Speak to man opposite. Tell him about my blogging challenge.

19.32 Man opposite tells me about his challenge – to run 1000 miles in a year.

19.33 Feel somewhat inadequate on the fitness / challenge front

19.34 Man opposite asks if I’ll write about him in my blog for today

19.35 Think – how presumptuous! But resolve that I probably would

20.02 Arrive in London

22.30 Arrive home. Dead on my feet.






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