Epic Fail?

My enthusiasm for challenges sadly took a bit of a beating these last 12 days thus my attempt to complete the blog every day in November has failed.  Starting a new job in London, with a 2 hour door to door journey each way, falling sick and not being paid for 7 weeks have all taken their toll.

mountain climb

I have written things on paper and had many thoughts, but transferring this onto the pages of my blog has been rendered a non starter.

The challenge notes said you can write anything, just as long as you write something but this doesn’t sit easy for me. Clearly I’m not a total perfectionist, but the joy of writing is what channels my energy and the joy can only be there when my energy is above zero.

‘Life just gets in the way sometimes’ is something that I read from many writing advice blogs, and more recently this has been so true. The last 6 months in fact have been akin to riding a roller coaster. I am very fortunate to have a life way more comfortable than many, so I won’t complain, but I just have to admit to myself that sometimes I am not able to manage everything all in one go.  Something in life always has to give, and the part of my life which pays my bills right now has to take priority, especially when my learning curve in this job is 90 degrees.

All is not lost however, and I am grateful for the knowledge that I am learning all the way and my other half and I are getting stronger through all the challenges life is throwing at us. Finally I also know that I will have a bank of experiences with which to base future blogs and stories.

Behind every cloud…….




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