Diary of a journey home

16.40  In Liverpool – realise I’ll never make the 16.48 train to London 17.20  At the local station – ask the guard how to get to Lime Street Station 17.21  Forget what the guard said. Wander through on a wing and a prayer 17.38 Arrive at Lime Street Station 17.40 Feeling virtuous, buy some fruit for the journey… Continue reading Diary of a journey home

The Abstinence Diaries

30 September Me: “Guess what? I’ve just signed up to do a go sober for October challenge for charity!” The Boyf: “That’s great honey, but you do remember I’m opening the cocktail bar in a couple of weeks?” Me: “Oh shit! I completely forgot!” Clearly the announcement of my impending challenge to the boyf left… Continue reading The Abstinence Diaries

An Open Letter – Dear Memory

Dear Memory, Re: Appraisal I felt that after quite some time in your capacity as Chief Storer, Recoverer, and Deliverer of required information, it was somewhat overdue that I should provide some feedback on your performance thus far and stimulate a discussion on how we can proceed to ensure all parties are satisfied. It is… Continue reading An Open Letter – Dear Memory